We understand that sometimes in life you need extra funds for certain worthwhile expenses. The lending staff at Union State Bank is here to help! We can help you find the best option for your needs at a suitable interest rate. We provide loan options for home mortgages, personal, commercial, agricultural, and educational loans.

Home Mortgages

Let us help you buy a new home! By using Union State Bank, you’ll be assured of a hassle-free experience. Because all of the lending is done locally, you only deal with our friendly staff. We have also built solid relationships with area realtors because we are easy to work with, further simplifying the home buying process.

Personal Loans

From vehicles and boats to vacations, personal loans provide the added funds you need to accomplish your goals or have a little fun. Whatever your needs, you can be assured of a quality loan experience.

Commercial Loans

We love to see local businesses thrive! From expansion to starting up your own small business, Union State Bank helps you get the funding you need.

Agricultural Loans

We are committed to serving the needs of our local farmers. We are willing to lend for everything from real estate, to machinery, to livestock, and even land improvements or buildings.

Student Loans

We work with Iowa Student Loan® to offer the Partnership Advance Education Loan®, a supplemental private student loans to help you pay for college.

*Note: Union State Bank is compensated by Iowa Student Loan for the referral of Partnership Loan customers.


Our lenders are:

- Paul Nelson

- Matt Mensing, MLO #486505

- Pam Long, MLO #1018612

- April Carns, MLO #1433046

We are ready and willing to assist our customers with their loan needs, so feel free to get in contact with us and our lending staff.